Keep your home safe this summer

Every summer millions of people from across Europe pack up their bags and head off for a few weeks holiday in the sun. But how many of us think about home security as we drive away?

The last thing you want to come back to after a nice holiday is a burgled home, so here are a few handy hints to keep your home safe from intruders while you’re away.

It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people tell the online world that they’re going away on holiday or post up selfies from exotic destinations. It’s far better to post up your pics once you’re back home or to make sure your social media accounts are all set to private, so only family & close friends can view them.

Buy some timers and smart plugs so indoor lights switch on at night. Try to mix it up a little too so you’re not just switching the same front light on and off each night, at the same time.

If you have a few D-Link smart plugs then you can schedule these from your smartphone. It’s a good idea to ask your neighbours to put out your rubbish for you and bring any recycling bins back inside after collection day too. If you have a drive, park your car in it.












You’ve got the inside of the house covered but deterrent is always the best form of protection against burglars so shout about your home security. Invest in some decent outdoor lights over doorways and driveways. A decent Wi-Fi security camera will enable you to keep an eye on things from your chosen device while you’re away.

If you can’t afford security cameras or burglar alarms then fake ones can be a cheap alternative to place onto the side of your house.












Trim any overgrown shrubs and bushes near your home. This will not only make your house look more lived in but also remove any potential hiding places for people watching your house to see if you’re home.

Cut off any overhanging branches that are near upstair windows so intruders can’t reach them by climbing up trees. Laying some gravel on paths around your house will also make it harder for people to creep around quietly at night time.












It sounds obvious, but make sure that your windows and doors are all locked securely including your garage and shed. For the home, five lever mortice deadlocks and door bolts for back doors are recommended. Always double-lock any windows and doors and don’t leave any keys in window locks, in plain sight or near letterboxes.

If you’ve got sensors on windows and doors or 180 degree HD security cameras like Omna in your house then you can get alerts to your phone when someone breaks in and video them in order to help the police to catch them.

A home security bundle from D-Link is a great way to start improving your security at home this summer.

Happy holidays.

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