How to be a smarter couch potato

Summertime may be getting nearer but not everyone is a fresh air junky.

Sometimes it’s nice to just curl up on the couch and watch more TV than is probably good for you. And with entire seasons and films now available at the push of a button thanks to Netflix, Amazon, SKY Europe etc it’s never been easier.

If you’re of a certain age and don’t have kids waking you up at first light then you might like to spend an evening or even an entire weekend glued to your smart TV, laptop or tablet.


Planning ahead

If you’re planning to watch a complete season of 24 with Jack Bauer in real-time, then it’s vital to plan ahead.

Get your snacks and drinks ready (preferably within arms reach) and go to the toilet before you get too comfortable. Fast food delivery Apps can also be a huge help if you’re serious about this.

If you’re planning a late one, then every second counts. Wiring up your smart home means you don’t have to waste precious time switching lights on when you realise that the sun actually set hours ago and you’ve already been sat in the dark for an hour.

To make life easier, set up your Wi-Fi Smart Plug and easily control the devices throughout your home from your mobile device, so besides using the toilet you never have to move, apart from reaching for the crisps.

Everyone is scared of zombies (if they say they aren’t, then they’re lying) especially if it’s dark outside and you’re home alone. Imagine the scenario…you’re watching The Walking Dead when at a crucial point in the plot, you hear a strange noise coming from upstairs.

Yes, it might just be the cat (but you don’t own one), or perhaps something just fell off a shelf but you need to know. Somebody needs to check…The golden rule to surviving any horror movie is to never, ever go and look yourself. By all means, send a friend, but technology is your best option here.

Spare yourself the anguish of having to creep upstairs and use a Wi-fi camera setup instead.

The Omna 180 Cam HD is the perfect weapon in your arsenal with a built-in motion sensor which can send alerts to your phone. And with a built-in night-vision mode; spotting stumbling zombies has never been easier.

But remember, if you switch your lights on they’ll almost certainly find you, so tweak your smart plug settings on your phone first.

The D-Link smart home starter kit gives you the ability to set, control, monitor and automates your home from anywhere with a smart plug, Wi-Fi motion sensor, and HD monitor.


Moving outside

Let’s face it – with all the best will in the world, it’s difficult to stay indoors for an entire weekend, especially if it’s sunny outside and the smell of BBQ’s keeps wafting into your home.

Under the right conditions, you might just be tempted to move off the couch and slide into a comfy deck chair instead, preferably beneath a shady tree so you can still see your screen. You’ve got to get Season 3 finished before your partner returns!

Adding a Wi-Fi Extender halfway between your router and the garden will keep everything streaming beautifully without the connection dropping out. And while you’re at it why not upgrade your router to something that can support the latest dual-band Wireless AC standard to get the best performance out of your network?

Let’s face it, Wimbledon is so much nicer when watched from outside with a glass of Pimms and some fresh strawberries and cream close to hand. Strap on some VR goggles and it’s just like being there!

Buffering and lag

Imagine having to suffer a minute of buffering during a Champion’s League Final, not knowing if that shot from Gareth Bale went in. Did Real Madrid just beat Juventus or not?

To avoid any pain and unnecessary suffering (or buffering) you need to get things sorted out from the start, so make sure your Wi-Fi can handle your streaming needs.

D-Link’s Wi-Fi Range Extenders and Access Points are specifically built for streaming, gaming, and living a life without lag, so well worth considering.


Hopefully, with these helpful tips and some great Wi-Fi, the only thing putting an end to your binge watching will be a power cut, in which case you can always switch over to a mobile device.

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